Youth Protection Training

The Boy Scouts of America places great importance on creating the most secure environment possible for our youth members. The BSA has developed numerous procedures, leadership selection policies and resources to maintain this environment. Youth Protection Training is one of these resources and is required for all BSA registered volunteers. Training is free, provided online and expires after two years. If a volunteer’s Youth Protection training record is not current at the time of recharter, the volunteer will not be re-registered. 

Take Online Youth Protection Training (30 minutes)

Follow these steps to take the BSA's free online Youth Protection Training.
  1. Go to and create an account. You’ll receive an email notification with your account information, including a member ID/reference number.

  2. From the portal, click Menu and then My Training.  You can start to take Youth Protection training here.

  3. After you complete the training, PRINT and SAVE an electronic copy of your training certificate for your records and then EMAIL a copy of your certificate to troop164nh@gmail.comWe need to have copy of your certificate for annual re-certification and for scouting events that require us to provide them.