The list of books and merit badge pamphlets below can be found in the Troop Library (cabinet) in the Scout room at the North Church Parish Hall and are available to any Scout in Troop 164.  

Please DO NOT take books from the Library on your own.   If you would like to check out a book or pamphlet you must ask the Troop Librarian or any Scout Leader for assistance. Only the Troop Librarian or any Scout Leader can check these books out for you.  
Title Author Published Code
The Patrol Leaders Handbook BSA 2008 PLH-A
The Patrol Leaders Handbook BSA 2005 PLH-B
Order of the Arrow Handbook BSA 2009 OAH-A
FieldBook - Advanced Skills BSA 2004 FAS-A
NOVA Award Guidebook BSA 2012 NAG-A
Title Author Published Code
Astronomy BSA 2010 022-A
Astronomy BSA 2010 022-B
Astronomy BSA 2010 022-C
Automotive Maintenance BSA 2012 127-A
Backpacking BSA 2007 026-A
Basketry BSA 2003 027-A
Canoeing BSA 2004 033-A
Communication BSA 2009 005-A
Communication BSA 2009 005-B
Cooking BSA 2007 038-A
Cycling BSA 2003 039-A
Emergency Preparedness BSA 2008 006-A
First Aid BSA 2007 008-A
First Aid BSA 2007 008-B
Fishing BSA 2010 052-A
Hiking BSA 2007 061-A
Hiking BSA 2007 061-B
Home Repairs BSA 2009 062-A
Home Repairs BSA 2009 062-B
Home Repairs BSA 2009 062-C
Kayaking BSA 2012 149-A
Lifesaving BSA 2008 009-A
Mammal Study BSA 2003 071-A
Orienteering BSA 2003 080-A
Orienteering BSA 2003 080-B
Photography BSA 2013 083-A
Rifle Shooting BSA 2001 123-A
Search and Rescue BSA 2012 150-A
Shotgun Shooting BSA 2005 124-A
Snow Sports BSA 2007 135-A
Sports BSA 2006 013-A
Sustainability BSA 2013 152-A
Sustainability BSA 2013 152-B